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CTLM® - Laser Breast Imaging Without Compression

CTLM, an exciting new way of looking at breast abnormalities.

CTLM stands for Computed Tomography Laser Mammography and is a method of looking at the blood flow to the breast. Since newly forming tumors have increased blood flow, CTLM may be the answer to locating angiogenesis which can be hidden in routine mammography. Additionally, dense breast tissue is easily imaged providing the physician with additional information that mammography is unable to provide.

Facts About CTLM And Optical Imaging

  • CT laser breast imaging is part of the emerging field of optical imaging.
  • CTLM images blood flow to the breast and thereby should visualize Tumor Angiogenesis.
  • CTLM does not use ionizing radiation (no x-rays).
  • CTLM images through implants and dense breast tissue easily, unlike mammography which has difficulty penetrating very dense tissue.
  • There is NO breast compression with CTLM and the breast hangs in the machine opening in it's natural position.
  • In a study of over 100 women, including 30 with breast cancer, optical imaging increased sensitivity and specificity of breast cancer detection by more than 90% (Britton Chance, Molecular Imaging, Vol. 2 #2)
  • The average scan time is about 10-12 minutes per breast.
  • CTLM may provide a brighter future for cancer patients due to earlier diagnosis and treatment. Early visualization of tumors in the evolving process may aid in the early detection of breast cancer.
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